• Foil Staming 

       Packaging is always been the common part of Printing Industry. It used to give special design to finished product, to make the package or label more presentable. Printing industry use different methods of producing packaging, it’s a special shape and design of packaging, using of decorative inks, holograms, foil stamping and different applications till the final product.  One of those methods which we offer to our clients is cold foil and hot foil stamping using gold and silver patterns. The quality of foil is advantage for obtaining high quality print. 

       Lamination is a combination of two and more materials by means of using special adhesive, which strengthen material for using in different applications. Our laminating machine is designed for manufacturing range of multilayer materials for packaging.

    Single layer materials for lamination:
    Coated and grease proof papers
    Kraft paper brown and bleached kraft
    Aluminum foil

       Slitter-rewinder needs for slitting the mother roll into one or more rolls which differ from the original width and diameter. It allows longitudinal slitting and rewinding of paper rolls, films and similar materials. The main advantage of the machine is a significant increasing in productivity.

       Die-cutting is one of the most popular and original ways of finishing printed jobs. Die-cutting is used for giving different shape and design of end product. Its unique solution of customer and designer ideas.
       We offer die cutting services on different packaging materials: paper labels, various types of plastic materials, foil, and other substrates.