Flexible packaging


    Self-adhesive materials
       «S.E.G.A. Flex» LLC represents wide range of standard and special-designed self-adhesive materials for flexo printing.
    - Self adhesive papers for labels: white, silver.
    - Self adhesive papers for deep frozen products.
    - Self adhesive films for labels: (made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester) transparent, white, silver.

       Paper is one of widely used packaging material for packing of food products. Its odor free material provides high protection of product inside of package, keeps natural flavour, air permeability, hygienic, and provides storage for a long time.

    Parchment (grease proof paper)
       This material is use for packing of food products with high content of fat; butter, curd cheese, confectionary products. Its widely used for packing and storing of deep frozen products.

    Aluminum Foil
       Butter foil is multilayer material used for packing of fat contained products (curd cheese, butter, and ice cream), meat and fish products. This packaging material has high barrier property and performs good folding.

       Polypropylene films (transparent, pearlized, metalized) are widely used for packing of groceries (cereals, sugar, salt, tea and similar products), bakery products and cookies, pastries, candies and other products, used for frozen foods.
    Its widely used for of packing ice cream and macaronis products.

       Polyethylene film during the years becomes the most popular packaging material in Food Industry. It has properties such as flexibly, moisture resistance, frost resistance and hygienic. It’s widely used for packing of different kind of products and for lamination with other substrates.

    PET film for Confectionary Industry
    - PET TWIST films are designed for folding of candies. In our assortment are included transparent and metalized films, laminated and printed films by your own design and choice.
    - BOPET transparent and metalized films for packing of chips, coffee, laminated and printed films by your own design and choice.